Quickstart Guide

Welcome to our Resource Page where you will find information to help you research and learn about metal building systems. After you learn about metal buildings, we are anxious to see your architectural passion and creativity applied to your design competition submittal.

We suggest you start with the Quickstart Guide and then browse the other resources we have on this page as well as our general website: Click to view and/or download.

Additional resources below include videos, architectural folios, project precedents, metal building case studies, sustainable and green design references.


Please check out our YouTube channel at:  We recommend starting with these videos.

Introduction to Metal Building Systems

Award Winning Metal Building Projects

How It’s Made

Metal Building Wind Loads – Longitudinal

Metal Building Gravity Loads

Metal Buildings 101

How It’s Built

Metal Building Wind Loads – Transverse

Metal Building Nomenclature

Student Design Competitions Enrich Architect Education: A Professors Perspective

Architectural Folios

The following architectural folios feature an in depth look at a particular metal building project and its architectural design.

Michelle and Barack Obama Sports Complex

Alamo Beer Company

Boston Sports Institute

Jacksonville University Basketball Performance Center

Sustainable & Green Design

Sustainability Course

Advanced Sustainability Course

Environmental Product Declaration Primary Frame

Environmental Product Declaration Secondary Frame

Environmental Product Declaration Roll Formed Metal Wall & Roof Panels

Environmental Product Declaration Lifecycle Assessment

Government Facilities Case Study

Government Facilities Case Study

Additional Case Studies

We have several case studies that feature different metal building applications and will help you see what you can do with a metal building. Click to view and/or download. 

Educational Campus Facilities

Commercial Communities

Warehouses & Storage

Distilleries & Breweries

Recreation & Fitness

Roofing & Solar

Vehicle Sales & Service

Retail & Wholesale

Government Facilities

Existing Fire Station Designs

Below are some examples of fire stations that have been built using steel as a structural or construction system.