The objective of the competition is to design a Fire Station Headquarters that will serve the community with functions of full-service Emergency Medical Service (EMS) and Emergency Fire Response.  Additionally, there will be a public space for a Museum, Memorial, and Regional Training Facility. The project is to use metal-building-construction with a maximum of two stories.

Fire Station Headquarters (Summary of spaces – click here for complete specifications)


Public Space3,860Covered Entry, Vestibule, Lobby, Triage Room, Museum, Memorial, Reception, Training, Storage, Restrooms
Administrative Offices1,350Offices for Fire Chief, Assistant Fire Chief, Administrative Assistant and Conference Room. Also, Reception, Kitchenette, and Office in Charge (shared space for 3 Officers)
Fitness/Wellness Center880Studio Space for Physical Fitness and Privacy Space
Fire Dept. Crew Areas3,920Dorms, Locker Room, Laundry, Showers, Restrooms, Kitchen, Dining Room, Day Room, Storage
Apparatus Bay7,680Six (6) Equal Bays – See Detailed Specifications for Vehicle Descriptions
Apparatus Bay Support1,840Mezzanine, Turn-out Gear Locker Room, Decontamination Room, Gear Drying Room, Tool Room, Hose Drying Tower
Utility Spaces2,100Mechanical Room, Electrical Room, IT Room, Storm Shelter, Storage
Parking*13,000Public, Crew, Administrative Personnel Parking Areas
Public Exterior Space*1,000Plaza or Park Space for Public Use/Gathering
Fire Pole*64Although not often used today, can be a design element for multi-story stations.
*Not Included in Total Square Footage

These are minimum requirements.

Sustainability Aspect
This new facility should embody the city’s commitment to environmental responsibility and incorporate sustainable strategies into the way that the building is designed and operated.  In particular, their new facility should take advantage of the sustainability benefits associated with using metal building construction. (See the Resource Tab for Sustainability Information for Metal Buildings).  

Furthermore, to recruit and retain the most dedicated public servants, the Chief wishes for the building to promote the mental and physical wellness of their first responders.

Judging Criteria
Criteria for the submission will include:

  • Suitable proposal for the context and architectural design
  • Technical integrity
  • Innovative use of metal building system
  • Sustainable strategy

Intellectual Property/ Copyright
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