The objective of the competition is to design an elementary school that can accommodate approximately 200 students. The project is to use metal-building-construction and has a maximum of two stories.

Elementary School Program

Lobby1,000 sq. ft.Entrance of the school with security vestibule.
Administrative Offices1,500 sq. ft.Offices and file storage. Includes offices for Principal, Guidance, and Nurse/Health and conference room. Also, reception, supplies, and general work areas.
Teacher Common Room1,000 sq. ft.Room for teachers to come together.
Art facility1,500 sq. ft.Studio space to host art classes or after school art program.
Cafeteria3,000 sq. ft.Seating and serving area for students.
Commercial Kitchen2,000 sq. ft.Kitchen to receive and prepare food includes refrigeration, storage, and preparation.
Library2,000 sq. ft.Includes shelving and work areas.
Classrooms10 x 1,000 sq. ft.Learning space that can host about 20 students.
Common areas /courtyards3,000 sq. ft.Outdoor area for activities.
Gymnasium6,000 sq. ft.Include Middle School Regulation-size basketball court.
Health Services500 sq. ft.Room for medical examination and treatment.
Media Center1,200 sq. ft.Space for computers, 3D Printers, and sound studio for student use.
Multipurpose Rooms3 x 1,000 sq. ft.
Music Education1,000 sq. ft.Space to practice and store instruments.
Boy's Restrooms300 sq. ft.Should have multiple toilet fixtures.
Girl's Restrooms300 sq. ft.Should have multiple toilet fixtures.
Science Facility1,000 sq. ft.Space for science experiments and equipment storage.
Storage and Janitorial1,500 sq. ft.
Mechanical Rooms2,000 sq. ft.
Pick-up & drop-off zone for students

These are minimum requirements. Entries should include sustainable and health design features such as daylight, passive energy use, and air circulation into their designs.

Judging Criteria
Criteria for the submission will include:

  • Suitable proposal for the context and architectural design
  • Technical integrity
  • Innovative use of metal building system.

The jury will be comprised of MBMA representatives, architecture faculty representatives, and practicing architects.

Intellectual Property/ Copyright
The creator owns copyright of the project, however; MBMA reserves right to publish all materials and to modify presentation of images to better suit any publication format.

For use by others:


Work may be download & shared as long as the creator & competition are credit. The work may not be modified nor used commercially.