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Submission Requirements

  • Two 24” by 48” digital boards in PDF format. The resolution of the boards must be 300 dpi, RGB mode and saved as JPG files that are a maximum 25 MB each.
  • Required drawings:
    1. Site plan showing the streets, topography, and surrounding context;
    2. Floor plan(s);
    3. Elevation(s) & section(s) sufficient to show major design components;
    4. Detail drawing(s) of the building;
    5. Diagram(s) to explain the structure, construction, or components of the metal building;
    6. Exterior rendering(s) and interior rendering(s)
  • A PDF file containing the project statement and sustainability strategy (800 words max).
  • Video of design process (less than 2 minutes) Note:  This is an important element – see past submittals under Awards Tab.

Submission materials must be packaged in ZIP files for uploading. Multiple ZIP files may be submitted as needed. Each individual project file name and ZIP submission file name must include your first initial and last name (J. Doe) or team name (example: Digital Boards-JDoe.ZIP)

IMPORTANT: While the file names must include identifying information (see above), the names of student participants, their schools, or faculty advisors, must NOT appear on the actual boards, in the video, or in the project title.

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